About Photographer

Joseph Sheedy found a camera in 1964 at the age of 14…. a non-descript box type camera with 120 roll film. While on vacation with his family in Maine, the camera had been rejected for use due to a sticky shutter mechanism. This did not deter his curiosity. Weeks after vacation, having finally saved enough to pay for his film development, he stood in the drug store and opened the bright yellow kodak envelope. He has been taking photographs ever since. His eventual 1975 purchase of a Pentax Spotmatic F began his photographic career in earnest. Adding to this a second Pentax, a Mamiya twin lens reflex camera, a Mamiya 6 medium format camera, a Canon 5d Digital SLR, countless photographic sojourns throughout England, Europe, New Zealand and the Philippines, and a wide range of photographic course work over the years, his diverse body of work has grown out of the darkroom and into the light of digital imagery.

While he has offered his work for public exhibition and sale from time to time over the years, he has been reluctant to enter into the marketing arena due to the demands of his career as a psychologist - as well as a desire to confine his work to artistic expression rather than corporate promotion and photo-stock agency use. However, his recent early retirement as a psychologist and the new possibilities for artist-controlled exhibition and sales through the internet have opened his refined, high quality images to new possibilities. His predominantly black and white images have been described as deeply touching, hilarious, troubling and absurdly endearing. His photographs "Three Ladies" and "Fourth Summer" have recently been honored in the 2007 “Celebration of Life” Photography Exhibition of Louisville, Ky. They will be on display in a traveling exhibition in and around Louisville, Ky. throughout the year. Additionally, over the past 22 years many of his photographs have been exclusively exhibited at HMH Studios in Rockport, Massachusetts.